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Heidi K. Brown, The Introverted Lawyer: A Seven Step Journey Toward Authentically Empowered Advocacy

The book is designed for introverted law students and lawyers to leverage their natural strengths:

  1. Quiet law students and lawyers: change agents for the profession: quiet law students and lawyers could change the industry landscape

  2. A seven-step journey towards authentically empowered advocacy:

    1. Step 1: mental reflection

    2. Step 2: physical reflection

    3. Step 3: mental action

    4. Step 4: physical action

    5. Step 5: action agenda

    6. Step 6: pre-game and game-day action

    7. Step 7: post-action reflection and paying it forward


  • There is always a myth in law school that you have to be out-spoken and extroverted to succeed. But is it true? This book seeks to break the ‘extroverted lawyer’ stereotype by explaining that traits of introverted law students and lawyers could be much-needed gifts to the profession. For example, active listening, empathy, contemplative analysis, and impactful writing are all essential skills for one to succeed as a lawyer. If you ever hated your awkwardness in social situations, you might learn to embrace your social awkwardness after reading this book.

  • Personal favourite: Chapter 5: Mental Reflection

    • This chapter explores how the “extroverted lawyers” bias could damage the self-esteem of quiet law students and lawyers. The author reminds the readers that there are always ways to change your internal monologue to alleviate social anxiety and it is okay to be shy. If you consider yourself as an introvert, this chapter will resonate with you.

**Available on ProQuest through find@HKUL search



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