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For law students only. You may reach out to these advisers if you need any help!

Faculty Resources: 清單

Faculty Academic Advisers

Each student will be assigned a teacher at the Department of Law. You are free to discuss academic or career issues with your adviser!

Faculty Student Advisers

Each first year student will be assigned a senior student(s) as your student adviser(s). Your adviser(s) will reach out to you through email and the other social events’! Feel free to discuss anything about university life with your student adviser(s).

Faculty Temporary Academic Advisers

You may request for a temporary academic adviser(s) to discuss the selection of Major/Minor. The relationship lasts for 3 months.

Career Counselling Services

You may seek consultation from Ms Susan Yu, Career Development Advisor of the Department of Law.

Faculty Resources: 清單

Law Mentorship Programme

Jointly organized by the Faculty and the Law Alumni Association. Grasp the opportunity to have gatherings with legal practitioners, judges and your mentor!

Undergraduate Curriculum Advice

You may contact the respective Coordinators for curriculum specific issues.

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Available to all students.

Academic Adviser in AAO (Academic Advising Office)

To discuss on more general matters (eg university regulations, cross-faculty information, study plan, Change of Major/Minor).

CEDARS Career Adviser

CEDARS also offers one-on-one career advising service. Feel free to make an appointment!

CEDARS counselling

You will have an opportunity to talk about your mental concerns with a trained counsellor.

Residential Student Advisers

(Only for students living in halls) Seniors students in halls who provide support to their hallmates.

Faculty Resources: 清單
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