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Educating for Well-Being in Law: Positive Professional Identities and Practice – Strevens and Field

This book offers comparative perspectives across jurisdictions, and utilises a range of theoretical lenses (including socio-legal, psychological and ethical theories) in analysing well-being and legal education in law:

  1. The ethics of well-being

  2. Self-care as a professional virtue for lawyers

  3. Values

  4. Well-being and a positive professional identity in the legal profession

  5. Determined to be professional, ethical and well

  6. The information gap

  7. Widening the approach to ethics teaching and positively affecting the ethical professional identity of trainee solicitors in Ireland

  8. Connectivity, socialisation and identity formation

  9. Which hat shall I wear today? Exploring the professional and ethical implications of law clinic supervision

  10. Clinical legal education and the hidden curriculum in the neoliberal university in England and Wales

  11. Resilience, positive motivation and professional identity

  12. Meditation in legal education

  13. Identity, well-being and law students


  • If you are looking for a book with strong research evidence and comparative studies, this book will be a good fit for you. Providing innovative and tested research methodologies and strategies for educating for well-being, this book highlights the importance of promoting a positive professional identity at law school. Therefore, if you are seeking for evidential support and research findings relating to well-being in law, this book will be a great starting point.

  • Personal favourite: Chapter 13 Identity, well-being and law students

    • This Chapter illustrates how past, present and future identities affect law students’ sense of self and implications for well-being. By explaining how our social interactions and pre-university experiences could influence our present identities, this chapter delineates why law students always suffer immense stress. If you sometimes wonder why you tend to follow the herd and are constantly anxious that you are not as good as others, this chapter might provide some insights for you.

**Available on Taylor & Francis ebooks through find@HKUL search



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