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Anne Brafford, Well-being Tool-kit for the Legal Profession (American Bar Association, 2017)

The Toolkit contains information and resources to get started on the path to well-being, including:

  • An Introduction to why lawyer well-being should be a priority.

  • A definition of Lawyer Well-Being.

  • A definition of a Healthy Workplace.

  • An 8-Step Action Plan for Legal Employers.

  • Guidance for a Policy & Practice Audit to evaluate what supports and harms well-being.

  • Recommendations for Activities & Events and for Education & Development.

  • Ideas for Assessments to track progress on wellbeing goals.

  • Online Resources & Technology to help start and develop well-being initiatives.

  • Book Recommendations.

  • Organizations that focus on lawyer well-being.

  • A list of Speakers and Consultants to contribute to well-being initiatives.

  • An Activity Workbook that contains Worksheets with hands-on activities and checklists for enhancing well-being that can be used individually or collectively as part of organization level initiatives.


  • If you are someone who doesn't have much time to read a bulky book, this booklet is for you. It contains all the essentials that you need to know to understand how to thrive as a lawyer/ law student and we would have to say that this booklet is a rather meaty one. Not discussing well-being in a vacuum, this booklet provides a handful of practical tips on how to promote satisfaction at work and how to reduce burnout.

  • Personal favourite: Worksheet #8 (p.64-67)

    • If you ever feel overwhelmed by your own emotions, this section will come in handy for you. Introducing action steps to enhance emotion management, this worksheet provides several useful tips such as changing your self-talk and marshalling counterarguments against self-deprecating comments to combat negative emotions.



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